Visual Art Politics did participate in the General Assembly of IAA in China, in Beijing and in Hefei city, on of September, 2005 with status as observer, represented by Charlotte Brüel, editor of Visual Art Politics and chairman of EVAN.

EVAN was present at the ECA conference in Amsterdam 8.-10. Oct. 2004:
“A Portrait of the Artist in 2015,
Artistic careers and higher arts education in Europe”

Before the conference a reader, with the same title as the conference, compiled by Ingrid Janssen, was sent to the participants - which was a very good idea, as the people present at the conference so was well prepared to jump directly into discussions at a qualified level.

Charlotte Brüel did make an interview with the actor Jorge Bosso, who at the general assembly of ECA ( on the 10.October ) stepped down, after 6 years in charge as president. Go to “Interviews” at this site ,, in order to read the inteview,
”Defense of the Art as a very essential Part of Life”.

You can read more about the ECA conference and how to order the reader at

EVAN was coorganizer of “POSITIONS 2” in Palma de Mallorca 16.-18. Dec. 2003, a conference hosted by Spanish associations for visual artists: UAAV and AaViB.

A book based on the papers written by speakers from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, all papers now under translation into English, will be possible to download from this site as a pdf file, as soon as the material is published in Spain.

Main themes were:
Tax legislation, social security and authors rights for visual artists in the respective European countries.

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