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European Visual Artists Network (EVAN) has decided to set up this website Visual Art Politics in order to facilitate collection and distribution of knowledge and information relevant to people dealing with visual art and politics.
Hopefully also of general interest.

When two very different professions - almost complementary - are dealing with issues in common, a basic knowledge of eachothers area does not automatically follow. But such knowledge is needed if a dialogue shall make sense. Nevertheless, when visual artists meet politicians - at any rank in the hierarchy of the political world - it becomes clear that the reciprocal level of knowledge is unpardonably low.

EVAN, European Visual Artists Network intend to do something about this. We set up this web site journal, Visual Art Politics, in order to - step by step - begin building up a platform for dialogue based on basic knowledge about

SIMPLE, DRY FACTS - to be found via the bottom guide links - about:
Art organizations
Political Parties
Art institutions
European Union

Presenting a broad view of possible ways of thinking among contemporary visual artists and among contemporary politicians - in Europe - go via the top line guide cards to: Editorials, Interviews, Articles and Reports, and contact to EVAN/Visual Art Politics.